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Compilation - NoMatterWhat (Demonware 2)


Demonware - The Demonware Compilation

The Demonware Compilation - 16 stunning tracks of Demonware's and affiliated bands. From Gothic to Death. more


Fresnel - Scenario


Lurch - Lurch

Lurch - feat. Dayf of Seeds of Sorrow more


Mastic Scum - ZERO

In summer `99 the new CD MASTIC SCUM "zero" was released on the German label "Noise V." which is distributed worldwide. 17 songs of fresh,
grooving grindcore/crossover with originality and extremity, with full colour booklet, lyrics, merchandise, …
It w more


Mastic Scum - ZERO (2001)

In summer `99 the CD MASTIC SCUM "zero" was released on the German label "Noise V." which is distributed worldwide. 17 songs of fresh, grooving grindcore / crossover with originality and extremity. With full colour booklet - including all lyrics. It was r more


Räumungsalarm! - Hart aber Herzlich

Rück Österreich nach Rechts?
Wir schlagen zurück - Hart aber Herzlich more


Seeds of Sorrow - Bleeding Eyes

Death Metal at its best. Brutal heavy, but still melodic. With 24 pages full color poster booklet and multimedia show. more


Seeds of Sorrow - Phoenix Rising


Stiletto - Stiletto

The Voice of Rock...
Unterstützt durch Gäste wie STEFAN WEBER (DRADIWABERL), GIGI SKOKAN (MO, UNTOUCHABLES), D-MONA, den MUSICAL STARS aus "ELISABETH" und "DIE SCHÖNE & DAS BIEST" u.v.m. lieferte Stiletto DIE ROCK’N’ROLL SENSATION schlechthin ab. more


Stone 588 - Door in the Dragon's Throat

If you like Siouxie and the Banshees, you like this one, too. more


thal - eighteen scorpii

Thal´s major debut. A sharp glance into the light of the unknown Sun. A fluent, infinite, bizarre yet hardedged lesson in how to project the gloomy side of metal into a new millennium. more


thal - eighteen scorpii 98

The European wide re-release of Thal´s major debut. The Twin Solar Star. more


thal - eighteen scorpii Longsleeve

Black Longsleeve T-Shirt with full color printing. more


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thal - stellar spectra T-Shirt


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thal - Tales of Obedience

The first demo of this outstanding band: a journey through aeons of sound between warm feelings and mellow awakenings. more


thal - The Candyman Club

Sci Fi Rock that grows as an alien on the planet of New Wave, dressed in Pop yet bearing in its essence the groove of a compact Hardcore combo and the ability to toy with funky elements and rise towards the levels of Industrial sonorities: this is thal's more